Why Use Google Analytics?

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Google Analytics is a free tool that allows for in-depth analysis of your website’s traffic. It offers credible and essential insights that play a vital role in shaping the digital marketing strategy for your business.

To give you an idea of how beneficial Google Analytics is for promoting your online business and why you should think about using it, here are 10 persuasive reasons.

Why Use Google Analytics? 1

1. Automatically Collects Data

Google Analytics automatically collects data from your website and creates reports, which can be accessed immediately. This allows you to implement marketing strategies and optimize your site for superior performance.

2. Helps Create Custom Reports

Although Google Analytics offers you a wide range of reports to analyze the performance of your site, you can choose a custom report to get relevant data, which effectively translates your site’s ability to drive more traffic. This means you can choose those metrics and dimensions that are relevant to your business.

3. Is Easy to Integrate

It is easy to integrate Google Analytics with your other platforms and tools. It works seamlessly with desktop, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. In addition, Google Analytics works perfectly with Google AdWords. You just need to link your AdWords account with Analytics and take advantage of these tools collectively.

4. Allows You to Measure Internal Site Metrics

The internal site metrics give you an insight into what customers are searching for when landing on your website. You can customize this feature to suit your needs and track the activity of prospective customers on your site. This allows you to make the required changes and optimize your site to improve its overall performance.

5. Helps You Know the Cause of Excessive Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is a key element that shows the percentage of visitors who leave your site immediately after visiting a page. Google Analytics offers a detailed report regarding pages that are experiencing a much higher bounce rate. By knowing the reasons for such visitor behavior, you can use different ways to deal with this issue.

6. Provides Information Regarding Key Factors

Google Analytics provides all types of information regarding your audience. The key metrics, including age, gender, devices, interests, and location, help you prioritize your digital marketing campaign and optimize your site.

7. Analyzes Your Achievements

You can evaluate success factors when implementing your strategy. This allows you to analyze whether your business is going in the right direction. By assigning different goals through Google Analytics, it will be easy for you to track your site’s overall performance.

8. Finds the Social Networks That Work for Your Business

Social networks help you drive more traffic and engage prospective customers. Google Analytics allows you to attract the attention of your audience and manage your marketing strategy accordingly. With this tool, you can choose the best social media platform based on its performance.

9. Designs Your Content Strategy

Google Analytics serves you while tracking highly engaging content and helps you increase traffic. This tool provides a breakdown of the page views that your site receives. This helps you focus more on the pages that are driving fewer visitors.

10. Is free

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to manage your digital marketing campaigns without charging any fee.

Final Note

For any help using Google Analytics with your site, comment below or message us: [email protected]