What to Do When Your Business Is Not Ranking for Your Business Name

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If people are having trouble accessing your business online, this is a reason for you to worry. There are numerous reasons non-existent ranking could be happening to you, with the most common ones discussed below with their possible solutions.

What to Do When Your Business Is Not Ranking for Your Business Name 1

Telling Google That You Are a Business

Most business owners make this common mistake, where they forget to inform Google about their business. This is why most business names don’t appear in the search results when people look for them.

To fix this issue, create your listing on Google My Business (GMB). Provide correct information about your business, including NAP details. You can also control your Google Reviews through Google My Business.

Ranking for Keywords With High Competition

In a world saturated with competition, you are not the only one who is running a specific business. Therefore, the chances are that you are ranking for competitive keywords. This makes it difficult to secure high ranks on the SERPs.

If this is the case, try using a keyword with low competition and less difficulty level. You can use Google AdWords for this purpose. Then, carefully integrate these keywords into your site’s content.

Not Utilizing Paid Advertisement

The top three positions on SERPs are reserved for pay-per-click (PPC) listings. If you have just started your business and have less or no worth online, it would be better to run paid advertising campaigns for some time. It will give you the required boost when it comes to SEO and generating more traffic. This is the most effective way to get your brand recognized online and get a higher ranking on the SERPs.

Giving Less Importance to Social Media Marketing

One of the causes that preclude your site from availing a high rank is not promoting your content on social media platforms. These sites can do wonders for your SEO by offering a much-needed ranking factor known as “Domain Authority.” It is a way to grade a site among its competitors and one that gives you the highest score, as it takes the highest ranking. Therefore, you should consider promoting your business over various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can do this by posting engaging and relevant content on a regular basis. This will draw more attention and engagement for your business.

Having Nonexistent or Bad Reviews

Reviews are referred to as the most influential ranking signals and play their role both in organic and local search results. This means that reviews could affect the way searchers see your business online.

Try to encourage people to give positive feedback and reviews about your business on various social media platforms. You can also add testimonials to your site to gain the element of trustworthiness.

Having Few or No Backlinks

What affects your domain authority and page authority is the quantity and quality of your backlinks. These are the links on someone else’s site that divert visitors to your site. This also affects your search engine rankings, as when someone mentions your site, Google considers it a signal for good domain authority and trustworthiness. So, try to get high-quality backlinks if you want to get a high ranking on the SERPs.