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Holistic Made offers a wide range of customizable web design and web hosting services. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and our team keeps up to date with the best practices so you stay top of search rankings.

We strive to give your business a unique online presence by helping you build your website. Our web premium design features give your website an attractive look and unmatched performance, tailored to meet your individual needs.

To make your vision a reality, our custom web design specialist will work in line with your preferences. With our years of experience and commitment to serve, we help our clients grow their business online. We not only design a perfect website to initiate your online presence but also help you gain exposure with prospective customers.

In addition, we offer website redesign services to enhance your online experience. All our websites are mobile responsive and quick to load, both of which please Google’s algorithm, helping your site rank better, faster.

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Our services


At Holistic Made, we make sure that your website is captivating, engaging, and uniquely appealing for your target audience. Moreover, our design team works relentlessly to create an online representation of your actual business, which increases your business credibility. There’s nothing worse than a website that doesn’t accurately reflect the quality of the business.


Have Holistic Made’s experienced web design team create a captivating and modern website for your business. You know your business — and we know the web! Combining the two unique skill sets will open up new possibilities and opportunities for your business to draw more clients and potential customers. When you partner with an experienced digital agency, one that caters specifically to holistic businesses, the online and offline growth potential for your business becomes unmatched.


Managing the sale of your products online is much easier with our e-commerce solutions. You will get all the assistance to grow your sales and revenue. With our robust shopping cart solutions, you can easily sell your products on the web and make huge profits. Our well-designed e-commerce website offers a easy-to-use reporting system with an unlimited product catalog.


We offer a complete range of custom web design services, including web hosting, domain names, website redesign, and graphic design. We boost your online presence by providing a modern, engaging website, custom to your needs. No matter what direction your growth plan may lead, we have the ideal solution for you.

How Are We Different?

We use the WordPress platform to create a custom web design. You can rely on the performance, ease of use, and scalability of our websites. In addition, we offer the best WordPress Plugins to manage your website.

The best features of our websites include:

  • Affordable Web Hosting.
  • SSL Layer (Secured Website).
  • Domain Name Registration,
    Maintenance & Monitoring.
  • Email Setup.
  • Daily Backups and Security.


Once you give us the authority to build your website, we put all our energies toward designing it in accordance with your preferences. After the job is done, you are the sole owner of your custom web design and domain. Your website is completely yours to use at your own will and make desired changes. Our hosting packages also include bundled maintenance and updates by our web team.


Attention to the details


The web is changing fast, and the most important change today is the explosion in the use of mobile devices to access websites. If your website is lacking mobile responsiveness, not only are you missing a growing majority of traffic, but you are also getting penalized by Google and the other search engines.


Do you want something fresh? Something fun? Something eye catching? Or do you prefer to keep it classic, with minimalistic design? When you are launching your business, you want to make the most impactful first impression. Let us help you capture your vision and see your site build through from start to finish. Make your statement to the world with a brand-new website.


As they say, "Out with the old, in with the new."

Let's freshen up your aging design. We'll clean up that mess of a website and make it shine with a beautiful overhaul and redesign. Whether it's a new layout or reorganization of structure, we can outfit your site with a whole new look. If you think it's time for a change, let Holistic Made begin.


When it comes to getting your site to have the right look, feel, and proper integrations, sometimes you need a higher level coder to do work on your site. Our team of developers are skilled at simple Java, CSS, HTML, and more. Whether we're custom coding your Stripe account or creating an interactive design, we've got you covered.

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