Google Updates: Survival Of The Fittest – There Can Be Only One #1!

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Getting higher rankings among search engine results is one thing but sustaining it and surviving Google updates is an altogether different story. Staying on top of Google is a continuous struggle as the search engine releases more than 500 algorithm updates every year. Some of these Google updates are so small that they are barely noticeable. As far as major industry-shattering updates are concerned, Google introduces them once in a while.

So the question is that how we can survive these updates and maintain our top position among the search results. To seek an answer, just take a quick look at some of these authentic ways to handle the impacts of such updates.

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Don’t Overreact

If you hear that Google has released another update, don’t panic. Because at that time you don’t even know whether such an update is going to affect your site negatively or rank it higher. So, you need to react only when there is an ample amount of information available.

It might be possible that your site continues to perform well during the post update scenario. If you try to make changes in haste, it may cause serious damage to the website. Therefore, you need to wait for the right time to react.

In the meanwhile, keep an eye on the analytics of your site to detect any traffic changes. While doing so, try to act wisely and keep these things in mind.

  • If you don’t witness any traffic changes, this means that you haven’t done anything wrong
  • If the traffic is improving, it suggests that your site is benefited from the Google update; hence, continue with your SEO approach
  • And if unfortunately, the traffic falls, inquire about the causes and look for the ways to rectify such problems

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Google Updates: Technical Aspects to Consider

Numerous factors play their role while drawing maximum benefits out of your SEO campaign. And these are the essential elements that you should analyze if your website experiences a noticeable decline in terms of traffic.


Don’t try to fool Google with duplicate content and an overdose of meta descriptions or titles. Make sure to update and improve your content in line with your competitor’s website.

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Spammy Backlinks usually serve as the main cause of getting yourself penalized. So, you should better use a tool to sort out such links to continue a legitimate SEO campaign.

User Experience

RankBrain, a recent update, focuses largely on user experience. So you need to regularly test your website for finding the issues faced by the users. For instance, you should evaluate that how your website responds when accessed through a mobile device. You can utilize numerous User Testing tools for this purpose. Moreover, getting in touch with a UX expert would be a wise decision.

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Developing and Executing a Strategy to Recover

First, you need to prioritize your issues and start fixing the minor ones. After that, handle major issues step by step. Once tackling one issue, wait for some time to monitor any positive changes and then continue with other problems.

Continue working on Good Type of SEO

The most feasible way to set aside the penalty is to continue with your legitimate SEO campaign. Hence, with the passage of time, you would notice the positive effects of your recovery plan.