Site Load Speed – The Magic Google Fairy Dust

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The number one thing that causes people to leave a website (besides broken links) is slow page and site load speed. Coincidentally, it’s also the number one thing most business and blog owners overlook. Google actually ranks site based on speed, because they know that people spend more time on faster loading sites. So, there is nothing more special to Google than your page and site load speed. This means that no matter how well structured and optimized your site is, you can’t get to the first page if it takes few more seconds to load.

User experience is vital for Google; hence, you can’t even think about messing with it. When it comes to mobile experience, the stakes are even higher; Google further penalizes those sites that still need mobile optimization. When it comes to organic or “natural” SEO, having a speedy, mobile optimized site will take you further than nearly anything else you can do to your site.

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Why Is Site Load Speed So Important?

Apart from other factors like keyword usage and location settings, user experience and site quality are on the priority list of Google’s search algorithm crawlers. Google’s goal is to display the most relevant high-quality results for each and every search query. To keep the listings relevant, the search engine closely and constantly monitors the order in which sites are shown in the search results.

So, besides producing high-quality and unique content, you should also pay attention to your site’s page load speed. Google serves up what they think people want to see, so making sure your site fits those criteria helps your rankings. Google is known for their results, which is why they’re the top search engine.

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Is it Possible to Speed Up Your Website?

Yes! By just following a few simple tasks, you can remove the impediments that slow down your site and result in a bad user experience. The first step, however, is to check how slow your site is. For this purpose, you can use some of the best speed testing tools, including Google PageSpeed Insights.

This allows you to test the site load speed of your web page. If your site is not doing well, you should be concerned about this issue, as it has a drastic impact on your page ranking and traffic inflow.

By using Google PageSpeed insights, you can also get recommendations on ways to speed up your site by making necessary improvements. It’s not a competition; your site doesn’t need to be the fastest. The point to increasing your website page load speed is just improving the user experience. It’s something you’ll want to check in on periodically to make sure your site is always performing optimally.

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How Do You Speed Up Your Website?

First, you have to find out where the problem is. Then in order to improve your site load speed, you’ll need to follow the exact steps  to eradicate the specific issue. You can also start by following the recommendations of Google PageSpeed Insights.

This is a basic set of instructions meant to guide you on the right path. Described below are the some of the best practices that you should keep in mind to begin improving your site’s speed.

  • Make sure to use the fastest web hosting service for your budget.
  • Optimize your images.
  • Fix all broken links.
  • Use only the fastest plug-ins and include them only when it is necessary.
  • Get rid of unnecessary plug-ins.
  • Rethink the design and layout of your site. Use one that is clean, appealing, uncomplicated.

Lastly, you can also consider a quick website rebuild by the team at Holistic Made. Call us at 480-426-9037 to discuss the best options for your business’ site.