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Our suite of services ranges from SEO and branding to creating content, strategy, and more. Holistic Made focuses on a whole-istic approach to your business. While SEO tends to be a cornerstone of our clients’ work requests, when we partner with you, we will dig deep to find the best marketing paths for your business. No two companies require the same strategies, so with us, you never receive a cookie cutter marketing plan that so many other agencies offer.

Holistic Made’s team maintains focus on your entire company’s marketing needs. From creating current relevant content to properly positioning you as the leader in your field, we’ve got your back. We use the latest technology to monitor and track your business and your site, sa this allows us to provide the best strategies to serve you and your business.

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Are you getting the advantage you deserve? It is essential that you can be found when people are looking for you.  Did you know that 80% of all clicks go to the top three search results? Our team gets you where you need to be.

Our creative team works with you to build a website that highlights YOU. A major benefit of our hosting platform is the blazing speed your site will experience, protection from unwanted attacks, daily backups, and SSL security.

This is a lead system unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Imagine hot leads landing in your email direct from LinkedIn. That’s what our LinkedIn lead generation system does. Closing deals and clients just became a whole lot easier.

Allow your business to shine with an aesthetic and appeal that draws clients toward you. Our team of designers always brings a new and fresh look to your business.

This is an effective way to create a relationship, stay in the forefront of people’s minds, and present offers to your subscribers. Increasing revenue through your existing client base is 10 times easier than finding new business, and using email marketing is a perfect way to connect with them.

Take your prospects on a journey as you funnel them through your sales process and online system, directing them where you want and giving them the offers they need.

This is a key component to your business, also known as selling with words. When the written language causes an individual to take an action that you directed them to, now that is powerful.

A constant flow of leads is the lifeblood of all business. Create an inflow of new business opportunities, and elevate your growth.

Whom do people look to when they think of your industry?  Become a thought leader, and be the #1 authority in your field.

The two most powerful online giants and the two platforms you’ll need take advantage of and conquer in order to win in your digital marketing efforts.

This includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. Learning to utilize the platforms to your advantage can turn tweets and posts into dollars and cents.

We realize that there is the possibility that you want to do everything yourself.  That’s why we’ve created easy-to-implement courses to improve your business. Whether it’s SEO or other digital marketing strategies for selling a product online or becoming an authority, we’ve got you covered.

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