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Our suite of SEO services include: Organic Search, valuable On-Page SEO, Keyword Research related to your brand, smart Link Building, and crucial Strategy and Activity Reports and more..

Today, search engine optimization requires expert attention to all aspects of your online presence, extending far beyond the reach of a traditional webpage. In a world where the rules and algorithms are constantly changing, it’s impossible to do well in the search rankings without a knowledgeable expert in your corner. 

As an SEO company, Holistic Made maintains focus towards on and off page aspects of your website, creating current relevant content and keeping you properly positioned as the leader in your field/niche. We use the most current strategies and technology to monitor and track your site’s progress. This allows Holistic Made to provide the best strategies to serve you and your unique business.

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When Ranking Our Clients Is Our #1 Focus...
Our Results End Up Speaking For Themselves.

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SEO Services

Risk Free 90 Day Guarantee

Imagine you walk into Tesla, buy a car, then 2 months later you realize it's not working for you. Guess what, you're stuck with the car. Not the case with Holistic Made. We stand behind our work. We are 100% confident that when you partner with us, our 100% success rate will have you loving the results. So much, that after 90 days if your online rankings have not dramatically improved we will refund you 100% of your investment.

Site Audits

The only way to accurately know how your website compares to your competition is to look under the hood. Our first step will be to do a complete review of your website, including an on and off-page review. This is going to be your first look at what is working for you and where you can make adjustments. And it is going to give a good comparison to your compeition.

On-Page SEO

Make your website content easily accessible to search engines. Our team is ready to implement our SEO services to your on-page needs. Implementing a few key elements onto your site will produce a drastic increase in rankings and allow for you to be found more easily. On-page SEO is known to boost your rankings and improve your online performance quickly..

Off-Page SEO

While the 'what' that is on your website is vital to your visitors and the search engines in relation to what they see, what goes on under the hood (behind the scenes) plays an even larger roll in your website's ranking and how you compare to your competitors. Our top secret off-page SEO strategies are the magic that get you on top of the search engine results.

Organic Search

Get found when people are looking for you. That's power. Through targeted strategies and our SEO techniques, we help all of our clients organically position themselves in front of the people that are already looking for them. If they can't find you...that's a problem to be addressed immediately.


One of the most important parts of SEO. Citations are online business listings. The more you have the better. And you want to dominate over your competition. Citations also need to be PERFECT, which means your site info, GMB page and built citations have to match 100%. If they don't, Google and the other search engines gets confused and doesn't know what to do with your business. We offer a citation building and clean-up service that will deliver 350 perfect citations. Citations are most frequestly an overlooked and undervalued SEO strategy you need to acheive a high ranking. Simply put, we get your name, address, and phone number to appear all over the internet. If you do not have enough or they are not the identical across the internet, search engines are going to punish you.

Keyword Research

If you want business growth (and who doesn't), you must know your keywords. This is a basic step to know how your site is performing. We do all the research, find what keywords you are ranking for, uncover new keywords, and show you how you match up against your competition .

Link Building

Crucial to any successful SEO project is building link profiles so your website's keywords are quickly found on search engines, thus boosting search-ability. We use a unique and proprietary link building SEO strategy. This a backbone to your success. Without this, you can't win. And we won't accept that as an outcome.

Get a complete analysis of your website performance with our free SEO audit with a detailed report of your ratings & recommendations

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Keyword Research / Strategy

An important part of an SEO strategy is the specific target keywords. Let us help you strategize and determine which keywords are going to be the most useful to target for your business. Then we will develop a powerful link building methods be most effective in boosting your ranking among popular search engines, while also increasing organic internet traffic.

Activity Reports

We have many tools here at Holistic Made. When you use us for SEO services, we will provide you with a specific report on your site's SEO performance, as well as informative data about your internet traffic. In addition, we go even bigger and offer a complete explanation of your search engine activity, so you don't miss a thing.

Rank Monitoring

Among all of the SEO services we offer you, Rank Monitoring is one of the tops. Our special software allows us to keep track of all of your relevant keywords,, where you rank for them, keywords you aren't ranking for, and how we can improve your positioning with all relevant keywords. All Holistic Made clients taking advantage of our SEO services receive SEO reports that include rank monitoring..

Client Testimonials

Baby SEO

I get it, but I want to ease into it. Let's test the waters before we jump into the deep end
$ 750 Monthly
  • 25 Warms Lead Guaranteed
  • Highly Targeted

    (job position, industry, location, gender, keywords, employees, interests)
  • Contact Info

    (social profile, email, phone number)*

Power Plan SEO

There's no room for 2nd place here.
We're taking action and reaping the benefits
$ 1500 Monthly
  • 65 Warms Lead Guaranteed
  • Highly Targeted

    (job position, industry, location, gender, keywords, employees, interests)
  • Contact Info

    (social profile, email, phone number)*
Most Popular

Total Domination SEO

It's time to leave the rest of the pack in
the dust. It's time to control the internet!
$ 2500 Monthly
  • 140 Warms Lead Guaranteed
  • Highly Targeted

    (job position, industry, location, gender, keywords, employees, interests)
  • Contact Info

    (social profile, email, phone number)*

We have custom SEO plans for every size of company? Our first goal is to help walk you through and understanding of SEO and its power, then we determine your desired outcome and work within a budget range to achieve the goal.

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