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You attract what you are and we live mostly holistic lives. We take our kids to naturopaths, our entire family is under chiropractic care, and we’ve given birth naturally three times, twice at a birthing center. We strive to eat organically and locally, lower our carbon footprint, and live sustainably. This business built itself, as our initial clients were the holistic and naturopathic practitioners we use as a family.

We love marketing and natural living, and that’s why Holistic Made exists.

We typically use WordPress hosted. It’s best for SEO and allows the most backend controls to grow and evolve with your business. However, our team are experts in Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, and ClickFunnels.

We don’t do daily social media management, though we’re happy to do a strategy consultation and map out a plan for your staff to manage your social media. Our plans can be brief outlines or thorough maps of the exact “pain points” or effective conversation starters that your social media should utilize to gain traction and build an audience.

For small businesses, a front desk or other staff member can run social media effectively, given the right strategies.

When we have requests for larger projects, we have a strategic partnership with our preferred social media management team and are more than happy to make the introduction.

Not at all. Pricing is based on the scope of the project, but our goal is to help the sorts of businesses we use to thrive.

We’re priced competitively on the lower end on all packages. This is a passion project for us.

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