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Strong businesses are built via two pathways: customer retention and lead generation. There’s an old marketing adage that says leads are the lifeblood of any business. While trite, it’s true. At Holistic Made, we have lead generation down to a science. We utilize the most effective sales-prospecting processes and smart marketing technologies to create custom lead gen strategies.

We offer different types of targeted marketing solutions to reach and convert your ideal potential customers. All good lead generation plans rely on a basic pattern of attracting, engaging, nurturing, and then converting. This is exactly what we do, but with a customized twist to perfectly suit the unique requirements of your business.

We pay special attention to the care of our clients’ brand reputations. Our lead generation strategies are fresh and avoid annoying marketing tactics like cold calling, incentive trickery, or consumer surveys. Our Holistic Made team works to ensure that your campaign is effective and HIPAA compliant. Also of note, the processes of lead generation that we use are all ethical and legal, and our lead nurturing follows CAN-SPAM laws.

Above all else, we offer cost-effective solutions for lead generation. All our content marketing, social media, and SEO techniques are designed to contribute to positive lead generation, continually increasing your ROI.

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How Lead Generation Works

Lead Sourcing

Our custom lead gen strategies access and target your relevant market and customers. Our lead sourcing techniques save you money, time, and effort by utilizing our expertise instead of simple guesswork.

Most importantly, our solutions allow your team to engage and serve your current clients while we funnel prospective new clients in your direction.

Lead Nurturing

Not all new leads close immediately, whether that means buying a product or making an appointment with your business. In fact, most leads don’t close immediately. Effective lead nurturing is the secret sauce to business growth.

We provide you with necessary techniques to build interest and engage those leads who showed interest yet were reluctant to buy at the initial stage. Holistic Made helps you stay engaged with the prospects at each stage of the sales funnel in one of two ways: We can coach you through best practices, or we can do it for you.

Converting Leads

Taking your visitors and turning them into leads takes finesse and skill. We are constantly refining our techniques to engage your visitors, heightening their online experiences and positioning your product/services as the viable option. By testing and tweaking, we are able to increase your lead conversions significantly.

Collecting Leads

You may want to have all leads/inquiries directly emailed to you, or you might prefer to have them automatically uploaded to an email marketing website to help you organize and email the leads. We will help you figure out the best way that will work for you and your business team. We can create a user-friendly method for you to organize your incoming leads.

We Ensure Quality & Accuracy

By utilizing both current technology and human research, we take your lead generation to a next level. Holistic Made relieves clients from common mistakes like buying irrelevant data lists and running ineffective Facebook ads. In order to gather targeted data that fit your specific needs, you can simply rely on our custom lead gen services.


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