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The team at Holistic Made designs effective online sales funnels with expertise. Our team’s top-notch marketing strategies include high-converting landing pages, lead nurturing, effective up-sells, recurring offers, and more. We implement strategies that deliver results.

In layman’s terms, landing pages are the websites where you either give your email address in exchange for something (popular reasons include receiving an e-book, an informative PDF, or just joining an email list). Sales funnels are the websites where you buy something or put in your email, then buy something. Landing pages and sales funnels are a hugely effective way to drive sales, build an email list, or build an email list to drive future sales.

An online sales funnel, when optimized properly, can easily generate 6-7 figures for your business.

Have a gift to give away? A widget? An e-book? A course? A challenge? Let us customize your sales funnel. Our team handles every step, from building and integration to launch and scaling.

It’s important to have a unique page layout to help share specific content. A landing page can help showcase particular content on its own and can use strong calls to action accordingly to help drive consumers to a goal, such as filling out a form or making a purchase.

Landing forms are commonly used in pay-per-click marketing campaigns, as well as email marketing, affiliate marketing, and other highly targeted marketing campaigns.

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Landing pages are an essential tool for your online business. A successful landing page is a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single objective. At Holistic Made, we offer two kinds of landing pages: “Click Through” and “Lead Generation,” also known as a “Lead Capture” page.


A well-constructed landing page is like a digital first impression for your potential customers. Our landing pages are visually appealing, emotionally enticing, and feature a call to action so clear, your prospect can’t help but say yes.

Landing pages serve as the most crucial step to creating a promising online sales funnel. They’re the curb appeal of a house: A good one makes you want to see inside. They’re also a great way to keep your marketing campaign precise and drawing in only those visitors who are more likely to turn into sales.


Holistic Made’s team creates funnels for specific events and online ad strategies for our clients with existing web presences. For clients with less of a web presence and following, we start by creating an evergreen (long-term use) landing page and funnel to begin growing an email list.

Our funnels are effective for one reason: They convert. Before we build a funnel, we look at the business and the target prospect and come up with the best methods to engage them. This allows us to create a successful landing page that, in turn, serves as the foundation of an online sales funnel that helps attract and convert prospective customers.


A/B testing allows you to test two variations of a landing page against each other to find out which version gives the best results. A/B testing lets you see how users behave with a specific landing page design in order to improve conversions (email sign-ups, sales, donations, memberships, leads, downloads, etc).​

Out with the old, in with the new, as the saying goes. Clean up that gaudy mess of a website, and make it shine with a website redesign. Whether it's a new layout or reorganization of structure, we can outfit your site with a whole new look. If you think it's time for a change, let the demolition begin.​


Once you have your prospect’s email, they’re a lead, and our next step is to nurture the lead via either a pre-written email sequence, ongoing email copy, or retargeted Facebook ads. Future conversions are a direct result of the lead nurturing efforts. Our activities ensure that your business gets more influence, exposure, and engagement.


Gaining leads and turning them into sales is one of our top priorities. The other essential aspect of business growth is customer retention. After all, the best customer is one you already have. At Holistic Made, we increase customer retention by maintaining a powerful connection with your customers via your online presence. We keep you in sight and top of mind for your clients.


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