How to Stay Ahead of Google Updates

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When making changes to its search algorithm, Google keeps it a well-protected secret. So, the question arises: What forces Google to introduce these algorithm changes so consistently? The only possible answer is the user experience. Yes! Google doesn’t want to compromise the satisfaction of its users and tries to offer the most relevant results regarding every search query.

In other words, Google is more interested in displaying only those results that people want to see. Basically, only those pages secure top positions that are relevant in every aspect. This particular search engine has come a long way from showing irrelevant pages to displaying only pages that purely satisfy a search query.

Apart from the benefits of this algorithm maintenance regime, it also involves other changes. These have a tendency to cast a negative or positive impact on your website’s ranking and SEO techniques.

Google Updates

If you want to stay ahead of these algorithm changes and draw out the benefits with the right SEO techniques, take a look at these authentic and proven methods.

Stick to Quality SEO Techniques


The best thing you can do to get a high page ranking is SEO. However, you need to be careful while implementing your SEO strategy, as by indulging black hat SEO techniques, there’s a possibility that your site could be penalized for such attempts. Conversely, if you implement legitimate and quality SEO techniques, you could get positive outcomes in terms of a higher page rank and increase in traffic.

Provide Original and Relevant Content

Displaying useful search results is the basic goal that keeps Google on its toes, and you can help Google achieve this. Wondering how? Just keep offering original and useful content to your audience. By doing so, you get rewarded by Google in the form of a higher ranking.

Consider Offering a Better User Interface

This factor is of great importance, as all your quality content is of no use if your website takes more time to load. Numerous research statistics reveal that websites with longer upload times have a maximum bounce rate. To counter the effects of algorithm changes, make sure to enhance the user experience by offering a mobile-responsive and easy-to-navigate website.

Take Help From Page Monitoring Tools

You can keep an eye on your website’s ranking by using page-monitoring tools. These are easy to handle and can assist you in the following ways:

  • Monitoring statistics of competitor’s site.
  • Making certain modifications to impact ranking.
  • Sending notifications regarding content changes prior to modifying your site.

Stay in Touch With the Experts

To keep yourself informed with the latest algorithm updates, try to stay in touch with the tech gurus. These experts monitor and understand the changes made to Google’s algorithm. Apart from this, you can also refresh your knowledge by contacting an experienced webmaster.