Facebook and SEO

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Online marketing strategy

Apart from the other benefits of marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, one of the most essential advantages that cast a positive impact on your business is associated with SEO. Although social media doesn’t affect your search rankings directly, it can help draw most out of your SEO efforts in the following ways.

  • Enhancing brand recognition and authority.
  • Increasing traffic and online visibility.
  • Helping improve local SEO.
  • Increasing content lifespan and widening the content distribution circle.

Enhancing Brand Recognition and Authority

Brand recognition refers to the ability of your audience to recognize your business by its logos, slogans, colors, and similar signifiers. In order to strengthen your brand recognition, you can take advantage of different social media platforms like Facebook.

In addition, you can gain authority for your site through reviews and links. This works in a simple manner, where people share interesting and beneficial information on social media. By promoting your products on Facebook, you can increase the chances of receiving quality inbound links. This would enhance the credibility of your site, as well as increase the popularity of your content.

Increasing Traffic and Online Visibility

SEO website traffic

Other advantages of promoting your business on Facebook are getting more traffic and maximizing online visibility. Digital media marketing is just like fishing, as in both cases, you can get more out of your efforts if you’re using a bigger net. Facebook is a platform where you can introduce your product to a wide audience. You can divert more traffic to your site by displaying engaging and relevant information to general people. This increases the chances of getting more attention initially and then getting more leads and sales.

Helping Improve Local SEO

Social media, especially Facebook, helps improve your local SEO campaign when executed properly. It can help you get higher search engine rankings and gain authority. What you should do is to optimize your Facebook profile by introducing relevant keywords in the “About” section and linking them back to the landing page of your website. Also, provide correct information about your business and services on your Facebook page. This improves the overall credibility and trustworthiness of your business. Make sure to give a timely reply to comments and reviews, especially the negative ones.

Increasing Content Lifespan and Widening the Content Distribution Circle

The lifespan of a blog published by you depends largely on search engines. The possibility of getting discovered by someone accidentally is diminished when your blog has to compete with a similar article that secures high rankings. Moreover, people are more interested in the latest happenings and updates rather than scrolling back through the pages of your blog for previous posts.

Conversely, your content stays alive for more time when it is available on Facebook. You can easily control the distribution and increase the lifespan of your content by reposting it with little or no amendments. In this way, you can offer people content that they are unable to see through other sources. This means you can drive more traffic to your site by attracting more of an audience through your Facebook page.

Final Note

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