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The Facebook Ads network is a behemoth, one that can’t be ignored. Ads campaigns built on Facebook don’t just show up on Facebook but across the entire internet, which means Facebook ads have the ability to play a significant role in improving visibility, driving sales, and extending the reach of your business.

For a fruitful Facebook marketing campaign, the perfect combination of targeting, content, and creative design is essential to reach and engage prospective customers. Business owners just don’t have the time to keep up with the latest trends, updates, and features that Facebook continues to roll out on a regular basis, which is why they trust us to devise and execute the best Facebook ad strategy for their specific business.

Holistic Made helps clients achieve their goals with a highly targeted approach to Facebook ad management. Our team has the right knowledge and experience to manage all your advertising demands. As a digital marketing agency, we take pride in the competency of our creative designers and social media experts, who are well-versed in developing and implementing effective Facebook ad campaigns for our valued clients.

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Creating an Engaging Ad

Our experienced design team creates ad designs that simply put, grab eyeballs. Whether you’re driving leads, setting appointments, following prior website visitors around via retargeting ads, or using ads to grow a Facebook group, Holistic Made looks at the specific goal of each ad and creates the perfect image and copy for making the right impact on the desired end user. We design compelling ads that are bound to capture your target audience.

Facebook Ad Analytics

By tracking the campaign results and analyzing them based on the best key performance indicators (KPIs), Holistic Made tracks the success of each Facebook ad campaign, making changes where necessary. This not only helps evaluate whether you are getting the desired ROI but also assists in shaping your online presence and future Facebook ad strategy.

In this way, you can discover what types of ads and ad elements prove to be effective with your unique target audience. We follow well-planned Facebook ad management protocols to get the most out of each advertising campaign.

Outline Goals

The first step of any Facebook Ads or Google PPC campaign is to outline your specific goals, to determine the type of campaign launched. If your goal is to get more engagement, we might suggest a page like or video view campaign. If your goal is to get more conversions, we might suggest a website click or offer claim. If you have more than one goal, we might suggest running multiple campaigns. Determining your desired result allows us to be laser targeted before we begin.

Audience Research

We conduct research and create a custom target audience based on location, age, gender, language, behavior, and your specific goals.

When it comes to budget planning, we create a plan to see how much to spend per day based on your ad budget so you never have to worry about going over and can get the most bang for your buck.

We make sure that your Facebook ads reach only the most relevant audience: those who are interested in your services or products. This allows our clients to reach and engage with their prospective customers at a lower cost per desired action, supercharging the effectiveness of their unique Facebook Ads strategy.


We reach data-driven decisions by utilizing the information gathered through analytics/tests and optimizing ad delivery. In order to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads campaign, we introduce required changes to the landing pages, ad content, and relevant ad variables, depending on the data obtained through analytics and testing. It is our goal to optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns and maximize the ROI. In plain terms, Holistic Made gets technical so you don’t have to.

Google PPC & AdWords

We know Google AdWords.

At Holistic Made, we are committed to making your paid marketing campaign successful.

We seamlessly manage your Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) by targeting those keywords that are meant to drive relevant customers to your site. Our keyword research is highly focused, done with a cost-effective approach to drive those customers searching for your product or services.

We use Google PPC as an advertising method to place your website at a higher rank. Google Ads allow testing specific keywords, which complements your existing SEO strategy. Since pay-per-click marketing works by testing keywords, marketplace verticals, and business models, it helps to develop a highly specific SEO plan to accompany your digital marketing strategy.



Target Audience

We make sure that your Facebook ads reach only the most relevant audience: those who are interested in your services or products. This allows our clients to reach and engage with their prospective customers at a lower cost per desired action, supercharging the effectiveness of their unique Facebook ads strategy.


Target users based on what they like, share, and talk about. By choosing the right keywords, you can advertise to your main audience without letting anyone slip through the cracks.

Local Targeting

Why would you advertise nationally if you are a local-based business? We can help you target the right cities so only people in your targeted areas see your Facebook ads. On the flip side, we can bypass specific areas or cities as well. We make sure your local targeting is perfectly optimized so not a penny is wasted in advertising.


Depending on your business, you might only want to target women in the age range of 25 to 34. No matter your business, we will make sure your settings are correctly attuned to your target demographic.

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