How To Ethically Stalk Your Ideal Client And Patients Across The Internet

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This Tip Can Exponentially Change Your Business.

Did you know?

There’s a way for you to ethically follow around anyone who’s landed on your website.

That’s right. Whenever somebody hits your site, you can actually follow them wherever they go.

Why is this HUGE? Because, staying forefront of mind is the most crucial aspect when it comes to being the business picked when they are ready to make a buying or ordering decision.

What we are doing is called pixeling, and it’s adding a snippet of code to their site when they hit yours, that allows you to retarget them with an ad about your business, service, offer, etc.

Less than 50% of business use this technique..and it’s closer to 25% in reality.

So, if you are to do this, then you will be leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

We welcome you to book a complimentary strategy call with our team to discuss how you can implement this into your website and business.