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Take a minute and think about how many emails you receive on a daily basis. …Now think about how many of them you actually read. Crazy, right?

Holistic Made makes sure your emails are the ones your recipients read. It’s kind of our secret superpower.

Holistic Made is the leading email marketing agency for holistic businesses. With years of experience in this copywriting industry, we’ve managed the email campaigns of both companies and individuals, helping them to grow their sales, often exponentially.

If you have your own email list set-up, we offer copywriting services. Whether you need an autoresponder series set up, or emails promoting a specific event, Holistic Made’s copywriting team delivers emails your recipients want to open.

If you haven’t yet started your email list or are unsure of how to utilize the one you have, Holistic Made offers HIPAA-compliant pathways for you to send emails to your prospective customers and keep track of your activity.

custom email marketing solutions phoenix

Email Marketing Services


With our email management services, we help you develop and maintain a strong and engaging relationship between your business and your consumers. We also offer email marketing growth programs to help you to gain more subscribers and grow your targeted audience.


Reports and stats help track your emails in real time and delivery rates are guaranteed to be at a maximum by utilizing our feedback loops we hold with each of the major service providers.

Our vigilant security team monitors and scans any suspicious activities or looming threats. This ensures that your official email and marketing strategy is kept safe from being utilized by an unauthorized user. We achieve this goal through performing regular checks by scanning the data and securing the back up of your prospective customer's contact information.


Comparative Testing allows you to closely examine your email campaigns and understand your customer interaction. Compare conversion rates, open rates, and link clicks to determine successful strategies and refine your segmentation. Test details such as Name, content, subject, time and day of sending to identify your best practices for your unique audience.


Holistic Made keeps you up to date with reference to each and every aspect of your email marketing campaign. We provide you with all the information as to who clicked or opened your email and which emails bounced. Through our tracking and reports services, you will be informed about the number of complaints registered and how many people have unsubscribed. Moreover, our advanced marketing layout scans the indicators across various email campaigns and compare which type of mailings provide the best results.

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Email Featuring Responsive Design

Through unique CSS and HTML coding, we optimize your emails to be viewed through any device regardless of size.

Email Copywriting

Persuasive and eye-catching emails written by our industry experts driven to increase your profitability, return on investment and garnering social awareness.

Campaign Creation And Management

Our professionals focused on maximizing the awareness, retention, and engagement of your audience through carefully targeted, behaviorally responsive communication.

Automated Email Marketing

We’ve designed and employ successful and time saving email automation to continually engage and retain your client base while also increasing sales and lead conversion.

custom email marketing solutions phoenix

Email Marketing Services

An ideal and result oriented email marketing should be equipped with all the characteristics that allow you to run a successful marketing campaign. However, in the prevailing era of spam and viruses, the business owners tend to think twice prior to utilizing email advertising services. But when availing our services, you need not to worry about the reputation of your business.

Our experienced team will guide you through the whole process of your email campaigns and discuss the possibilities of positive outcomes. We know that marketing is the most important aspect for the growth of a business. Hence, to achieve your marketing goals, we are here to assist you for the most anticipated results.

Thanks to the CAN-SPAM Act, large email providers have massive checks and balances in place to make sure that email receivers are getting exactly what they want in their emails… And nothing they don’t. That means that one wrong email can get an entire email account shut down. Holistic Made walks our clients through best practices in warming their email lists and creating the best subject lines and copy, so our email lists remain warm, receptive, and friendly. …And open for business.

Email Marketing Solutions

Despite the influx of emails we all receive on a daily basis, email is still among the most influential and valuable channels for communicating with a captive audience, and it’s one of the best ways to help brands communicate with their targeted audience. Email campaigns are the best possible option when it comes to strengthening the relationship between the business and end users.

As an experienced email marketing service provider, Holistic Made offers some of the best methods for engaging and retaining your customers. By following our successful email marketing strategies, you receive the benefits of your email list while growing your customer circle via other simultaneous on and offline strategies.

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