What Is Authority Positioning?

Authority positioning is becoming a thought leader in your industry.  That means you are the go-to resource for others.  People look to you as the resource and the expert. It brings you beyond just excelling at your work. You are now an influencer to your profession.  

Have you ever wanted to be of greater influence? Become a published author? Get asked and paid to speak at conferences or symposiums? There’s no longer that feeling of being left behind by those with higher authority, because you are that authority.

In today’s digital world, you need a digital marketing agency to help position yourself as an authority-based thought leader and turn your business into a powerhouse. We assist you in implementing uniquely tailored strategies that build authority, enhancing your reputation in the community. With a seasoned team of digital marketing experts behind you, you’ll become the entity you deserve to be.

One step you can begin with is a blog, a vital component in establishing your authority, crating value, and answering the needs of the people. We will help create your blog, your voice, and your content, posting relevant articles on your behalf if desired. 

Our strategy team can even develop the subject matter to help create a well-rounded blog that fits your unique business.

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Our Authority Positioning Services

Thought Leadership

Learn which actions will get you discovered, trusted, and followed. Bring targeted attention to you and your business by becoming the authority.

Book Speaking Engagements

Have you ever wanted to share your voice with others? As an authority in your field, you can get booked as a paid speaker.

Become a Best-Selling Author

If you want to write a book, let it be known that it's a brilliant business and growth strategy. Holistic Made will walk you through the steps, from concept to publishing, and help leverage it into a best-selling piece of work.

Local Celebrity

Become a recognizable individual in your local area. If you've ever wanted to have the public buzz about you, we'll help you create the pizzazz.

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From competitive research to market testing, our comprehensive, in-depth solutions position you for success in the marketplace.


Building and testing are keys to creating you as the go-to resource. We enhance you as the ultimate product for recognition and influence.


Connect with your peers at a new level, wherever they are. Our mastery of storytelling builds trust across all digital and social platforms.

Public Relations

Communicate your message powerfully and consistently to build a highly engaged, veraciously passionate following.

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