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Not too long ago, we were working for an independent publishing company, as the VP of Operations and Lead Strategist (respectively). With the writing on the wall and their funding drying up, we found ourselves at a point in our lives where we needed to create change. We also were already offering business strategy and consulting advice to our chiropractor and birth center.

In a blinding moment of clarity (for Sascha; Jonathan needed a little persuading), we saw what we needed to do. Nobody we know quite gets your needs, those of a holistic, naturally focused business owner. All we saw were cookie-cutter strategies that didn’t consider you and the core of your business,

As a way to help our community, we’ve realized that there is a need for our expertise in digital marketing and SEO services. We understand that you need a unique solution for the challenges faced in your business. And because we are like-minded, Holistic Made is the perfect complement to your business if you desire to improve your web presence, gain more clients, and grow your business.

From SEO to websites, branding, and maximizing existing client revenue, our clients work with us because we get them at the core, all while increasing their businesses and their bottom line. What it comes down to is that with Holistic Made, you get a whole-istic approach to marketing and a team that gets you.

Here are a few of our expert services that we will help you improve ...

As cutting-edge leaders in local and national SEO ranking strategies, we remove the fear and unknown about search engine optimization.

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Using social media to your advantage give you the ability to turn eyeballs into paying customers. Our strategic approach to your social media plan ensures a larger number of engagement, followers, and sales.

This is the lifeblood of your business. Keeping your doors open requires a steady stream of new and potential customers/clients. Our value-based positioning builds your lead flow and encounters fewer negative and spam complaints.

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Every single member of our team is devoted to producing, creating, crafting, uncovering, and delivering the finest possible product, solution, strategy, and outcome for your online and digital marketing desires.

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