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We work with intentionally-focused businesses, helping them perfect their web presence through our uniquely effective SEO strategies. As a full-service SEO company + digital marketing agency, we assist our clients with increasing their bottom line by maximizing existing revenue streams. From our strategic SEO campaigns to website rebuilds, winning ad strategies, and email marketing, we take a holistic approach to marketing each business, and the results speak for themselves.

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Two vital components to your long-term success are ...

1. SEO and dominating Google.
2. Massive Facebook presence via their ads platform.


Have you ever wondered why another company is able to rank at the top of Google? That's due to SEO. Today, search engine optimization, both on a national SEO level and a focused local SEO strategy, requires expert attention to all aspects of your online presence. Extending far beyond the reach of a traditional webpage, in a world where rules and algorithms are constantly changing, we have our finger on the pulse and maintain consistency while delivering results.

It is impossible to do well in the search rankings without a knowledgeable expert in your corner. Holistic Made is an elite SEO company with a team that keeps focus on both the on- and off-site aspects of your website, creating current relevant content and keeping you properly positioned as the leader in your niche.

With clients across the U.S, we are known for our creativity and ability to deliver impressive results. This has given us a solid reputation within the inner circles of marketing communities. Using the latest technology to monitor and track your site’s progress, we are able to provide the best strategies to serve you and your business.

As a top SEO company, we confidently stand behind all our work. What we do works — plain and simple. And we are 100% confident in our ability to help your business with our SEO strategies, which guarantee an increase in your online rankings. All our SEO work is backed with a fully refundable 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Additional Services

Facebook & Google Ads

Stay relevant to your customers by following them around the internet. Run special ads directly to your current and existing clients, while also targeting new business. Build a following and raise awareness about your brand. Promote an event. Our team builds targeted campaigns tailored to your brand and goals.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Whether your business relies on LinkedIn, B2B, or B2C, you need to take a look at our proprietary LinkedIn lead generation system. This lead system delivers hot leads directly to your email inbox from qualified and 100% verified LinkedIn contacts who are expressing interest in your services and company.

Web Design & Hosting

Building your perfect website and your online presence is our specialty. Your website is ideally tailored to your individual business needs and goals. All sites are secure and have an SSL badge. In addition, they include hosting, maintenance, daily backups, and security.

Landing Page & Sales Funnel

An online sales funnel can generate 6-7 figures for your business. Have a gift to give away? A widget? An ebook? A course? A challenge? A converting sales funnel coordinated to your branding is powerful. Our team handles every step, from building and integration to launch and scaling.

Social Media

Are your social media accounts in place, but you aren’t sure what to do with them? Holistic Made will review your online presence, analyze how you stack up against the competition, and provide proprietary strategies guaranteed to build, entertain, and convert your audience.

Blogging, Copywriting & Content Creation

Expert copy for your blogs and websites are vital for your business because clients have so many unanswered questions. We make what you need and post relevant blog articles on your behalf. Our strategy team can even develop the subject matter to help create a well-rounded blog that fits your unique business.

Email Marketing

The best way to increase your revenue is through your existing customer base. Let us set you up with your own integrated email marketing system and campaign. We will show you how to manage and email your list, or we can manage the communication process for you.

Lead Generation

Could you use more people seeing your business? Do you need more clients walking in your door? We have that handled. New clients and customers are the "thriving heart" of a business, We bring more of your target audience to your business through our highly effective lead generation consulting.

Authority Positioning

Being a authority in your area of expertise is powerful. Holistic Made will guide you through the process. You’ll end up being the "go-to expert," a best seller, or even booking speaking engagements. All you have to decide is how much or how little work you’d like to do, and we'll handle the rest.


When you aren't in a position to bring us on as your SEO company or digital agency or you don't trust anybody but yourself, where do you turn? Holistic Made is here to help you conquer that challenge. We've made it easy: From getting started in your digital marketing efforts to creating amazing growth for your business, you will love our self-led courses.

Logo & Branding

A logo sends a subconscious signal to your clients. What does yours say about your company? Our creative team will design your logo from scratch or implement a redesign. Our process can include your personal brand style guide. Create the perfect branding and logo for your business.

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Most frequently asked questions and their answers

You attract what you are and we live mostly holistic lives. We take our kids to naturopaths, our entire family is under chiropractic care, and we’ve given birth naturally three times, twice at a birthing center. We strive to eat organically and locally, lower our carbon footprint, and live sustainably. This business built itself, as our initial clients were the holistic and naturopathic practitioners we use as a family.

We love marketing and natural living, and that’s why Holistic Made exists.

Absolutely! YES!

We’re holistic focused because this is a very important part of our life personally and we want to give back to that.

So, while our main focus is to help holistic-based businesses and health and wellness companies, we know there are many companies out there that might need our services, and we will provide for them just the same.

The strategies we implement work across the board. Period. 

Yes, we do. Referrals are one of the most powerful ways for us to grow our client base, and because of that, we want to give thanks.

We offer a 10% residual-based commission on all business you send to us that becomes a paid client. 

What that means is if you refer a business who asks us to build a $5,000 website, we would send you $500.

Or, if you referred a business for an SEO campaign at $1,000/month, you’d get $100 every single month that they are a paying client of Holistic Made. 

Not at all. Pricing is based on the scope of the project, but our goal is to help the sorts of businesses we use to thrive.

We’re priced competitively on the lower end on all packages. This is a passion project for us.

SEO prices are based off a number of factors: online competition, your city population, and how much previous SEO work has been implemented to your site. These are ranked in order from highest to lowest in importance, so the more competition you have, the more it will take to get you ranked above your competition (but it’s worth it)! We’ll go over all the options for your particular niche and market during our complimentary consultation!

Our proven SEO process includes a number of ranking techniques to help improve your organic rankings and map pack rankings. A few of these include local citations, web 2.0s, high authority links, and more! We won’t give away everything pertaining to our process online because we don’t want our competition — or worse, your competition — figuring out what we do.  But we will go over it in greater detail during our one-on-one consultation call!

We guarantee it! What we do is look for the top and best keywords that people in your city/area are searching for on Google. Then we rank your website for those highly searched keywords. For example, one of our clients is a chiropractor in a city of about 40,000 people, and she gets so many calls a week, she’s not always able to schedule all the appointments! She has to refer out to other chiropractors because she can’t personally get to them all. So, yes, SEO can be extremely effective for any business, no matter what the population of your city happens to be!

For Holistic Made, we choose SEO, and here’s why: When you stop running your PPC ads, you can say goodbye to your listing. With SEO, people can find you at 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning. We’ve run split tests, and if we wanted to equal the traffic/clicks that we could generate from SEO, the client would have to spend $17,000. SEO is much more cost effective and has a more powerful longevity than PPC in the long run!

Definitely ongoing. Think of SEO like going to the gym. While people assume SEO is a one-off expense, that’s just not the case! You have to keep on top of your SEO to make sure your competition doesn’t overtake you. Once at the top of Google, it’s much cheaper and easier to keep you at the top compared to what it takes to get you there. Again, think of SEO like working out: If you stop once you can squat 400 lbs., you’ll lose strength and agility, and you won’t be able to lift what you once did. We call it consistency over time, and you have to put in the work with SEO just like you have to continue to hit the gym.

Excellent question! The long and short is yes and no …

Let us explain: We handle everything related to SEO strategy, but there are a few items of attention that we ask of you.

  1. Ask your clients for testimonial videos and written reviews on your Google Business Page and for the BBB.
  2. Utilize social media by sharing a post and link to Facebook and social media every day from your personal page and business page.

That’s all! Holistic Made will take care of the rest. The purpose for those two things is the power of testimonials.  These will increase your website traffic, and posting on social media aids your SEO campaign and gives you the chance to earn business from those you know and those in your community!

We typically use WordPress hosted. It’s best for SEO and allows the most backend controls to grow and evolve with your business. However, our team are experts in Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, and ClickFunnels.

We don’t do daily social media management, though we’re happy to do a strategy consultation and map out a plan for your staff to manage your social media. Our plans can be brief outlines or thorough maps of the exact “pain points” or effective conversation starters that your social media should utilize to gain traction and build an audience.

For small businesses, a front desk or other staff member can run social media effectively, given the right strategies.

When we have requests for larger projects, we have a strategic partnership with our preferred social media management team and are more than happy to make the introduction.

Holistic Made believes that when you hire us as your SEO company, we have a responsibility.  That is why we offer you a risk-free, 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on our SEO strategies. We are 100% certain that we will improve your online rankings within the first three months (90 days) of working together. That’s because our SEO strategies always produce results. What we do works, and that is why we are confident enough to guarantee it. 

And if by chance, we were unable to help your business in your online rankings, we did not earn your money.  

But please let it be known that as of today, we have never once had to return a payment for failing a clients.

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